Elektra Voltare: Eve of the Memes

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"To be (a humdinger) or not to be (a humdinger)? Not much of a question..."

And so the Elektra Voltare story continues in Elektra Voltare: Eve of the Memes.

The hunt for memes (Mass Extinction Mutant Entities) is on, as the Ministry of Peace homes in, following the clues leading to Elektra's monastery.  Should they capture her, they will use her as source material for a bioweapon, a humdinger--one of the many strange, often forced, acronyms favored by the governing authorities of her dystopian world. 

But that is only the frying pan.  The religious zealots, under the influence of the propaganda from the Ministry of Information, have their own reasons for lighting fires, and a lightning-hurling meme capable of bringing the heat. In their first encounter, had he killed her? Had she come back? Or was it merely a near-death experience?

But beyond the imaginings of her enemies, Elektra, has refined her electricity-absorbing power to isolate the sparks of bioelectricity that are the essence of life and holds within her mind the possibility of snuffing them out, like the brief candles that they are. Could she not, with this power, eliminate all threats? Could she not mother a race of mutants that would replace mankind? Could she not be Eve of the Memes?

But should she use her power this way, would something in creation break?  Was this not be the apple? The thing within her reach that she must not do?

What are people saying about Elektra Voltare?

Here are some quotes from readers:

"...a compelling protagonist and shades of 1984 and X-Men."

"...the worldbuilding was fantastic."

"The detail of the future and how the world got there was scarily plausible!"

"The writing is really phenomenal...almost poetic."

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Warning: The Ministry of Information has labeled this work "restricted" according to the provisions of the Seditious Use of Imagery, Context, Irony, Death, or Exaggeration (SUICIDE) act of 2052.  Specifically, this work includes Fictional Use of Superstition, Exaggeration, and/or Speculation (FUSES), including Religious Allegory, Conceptualizations, or Ecclesiology (RACE), Persons of Exceptional Abilities (PEAs), and other potentially seditious memes. This work will NOT appear in search results for citizens whose psychological index is rated within the impressionable range (commonly known as "Imps").  Consumption of this product may adversely affect your Societal Public Access Category and Eligibility (SPACE) index.

Your SPACE index qualifies you for three downloads per month in this category. Should you exceed this limit, additional information surveillance by the Ministry of Information may result in a referral to the Ministry of Peace.

A friendly reminder from the Ministry of Peace...

The Ministry of Peace reminds all citizens that while fictional depictions of Persons of  Enhanced Abilities (PEAs) and other memes are allowed in the mindstores, their existence, while within the reach of science, remains theoretical.

Any sightings of actual events suggesting the true existence of PEAs, must be reported immediately to the Ministry of Peace, in accordance with the Seditious Meme Allegation Reporting and Tracking (SMART) act.

As always, If you see something, say something.

Reality Check: The previous warnings were obviously fictional.  There are a few edgy scenes in this work, including mutants thinking about the importance of procreation. It's not meant for kids.

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Elektra Voltare: Eve of the Memes

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